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More news, plus what am I actually writing?

So I’m actually quite behind on updating how things are on the writing front. I usually don’t have THAT much to update, so… this is nice.

Okay. So. I have now madeĀ  52 submissions to various short story markets since August 31 of last year, and all but three of those were made in 2012. I’m quite pleased with this, as I means I’ve been active about sending my stories out, and that I’ll definitely have made 50 within 2012 alone. I am doubly impressed with myself, as I started out 2012 with only 2 stories, and am finishing with 10, plus a partially completed novel.

The next bit of good news is that I was named a semi-finalist in the 3rd quarter of the Writers of the Future contest! This news came around the same time that I won 2nd place in the Story Star Publishing contest, so that was a pretty good week. I received my critique from David Farland, the coordinating judge for the contest, who mentioned that my story almost made finalist, except that he didn’t like the ending.

… drat.

But! still.

So with all that news to distract me this month, I’ve been editing two of my short stories to get them where I think they’ll have a better chance of selling than they did in their previous incarnation, plus I’m slowly pushing forward with my children’s novel. My goal is to finish THAT project by the end of the year.

We’ll see.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Here’s hoping I can keep filling this sweet little blog up with happy bits of news to chew on during the times that nothing seems to be happening with my career.


I’m published!

Check out my first published short story, Birthing Fire. It won 2nd place in the Story Star Publishing short story contest earlier this month. (I’ve been a little slower to update the blog than I planned, for various reasons that I’ll go into in a couple posts from now.)

This was a nice piece of good news for the year, as it means that I was published within the first year of buckling down and submitting. Woot!

You can also read the interview they did with me here.