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“The Price of Love” is freeeeeee!

I was just informed that “The Price of Love,” my short story that was published by Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show last November and was previously only available for subscribers to read, is now free to read on the website!

Price of Love illlustration

Of special note – this is my first story to be illustrated. Artwork by Shelby Nichols

This story had its origins last summer after too many viewing of Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves with my then-two year old, and I began wondering why the queen didn’t just cut that pretty little snow-white face up. About the same time I was reading about abusive relationships with narcissists, and I was soon frantically typing, trying to keep up with the fully-realized story in my head before I lost it. Very soon after this story was purchased by Edmund Schubert at IGMS for the 10 year anniversary issue, comprised of stories by former Literary Boot Campers, Schubert, and Card.

(And now, looking back, I can’t find a blog post announcing the sale or pointing anyone toward the preview… I’m clearly promoting my stories hardcore. SMH. Anyway. Rectifying that problem now.)

I’d hoped this story would be read more widely, and now I get that chance.

So if you’re interested in a dark retelling of Snow White that explores just why the queen was so concerned about being the ‘fairest in the land,’ follow this link!

Also, on a related note, here’s a quick link highlighting 8 mental abuse tactics that narcissists use on their spouses. If these hit a little too close to home and these tactics have been used on you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You are not crazy. You are wonderful, and there are communities out there that can help you work through this abuse.