Monthly Archives: July 2015

In which “Miss Darcy” receives some nice reviews

“Miss Darcy’s First Intergalactic Ballet Class has reviewed a couple nice reviews now, both from SFRevu and from Tangent Online.

Both were favorable, which I love, but I’ve got to admit that a sick little part of me has ‘Lois Tilton reviews one of my stories’ on my bucket list. I know many authors struggle with poor reviews, but getting a Tilton review, complete with sarcasm and disdain (or actually receiving praise, I suppose) would be a badge of honor I wouldn’t mind wearing.

Speaking of, someone should make that badge a thing.


Funny SF TOC announced!

Alex Shvartsman, publisher and editor of the Unidentified Funny Objects anthologies, has announced the next installment of funny science fiction stories, reprint edition.

It’ll be released September 1, 2015, and doesn’t that table of contents look pretty? I’m honored to be included among such a great list of authors and stories.

In other news, ArmadilloCon starts tomorrow. I’m looking forward to my panels, signing, and reading, but most importantly all the time I get to spend hanging out with some of the coolest people I know.

The best part is that, even though I dearly love my daughter, I very much look forward to attending this convention without any concern over how loud she is during a panel or how much she runs up and down the aisles. Not only that, tending a baby/toddler by yourself in a hotel room means that you’re probably not going to attend any of the room parties. So while I very much look forward to teaching her to enjoy the finer things in life – like SF/F conventions, Fred Ferkel gummies, and the Lego Star Wars game -that won’t work for a couple more years.

In the meantime she’ll have to make do with a homeschool SF education, while I’ll make do with awesome panels and parties this weekend.

Another reprint sale!

I mentioned this on Facebook a week or two ago, but missed updating here. I sold reprint rights to Evil Girl Media for my story “Birthing Fire.” I am extra pleased about this sale because apparently Story Star Publishing, the publisher that ran the short story contest where “Birthing Fire” won 2nd place, has closed up shop for over a year now, which means my beloved dragon origin story couldn’t be found online anymore.

Evil Girl Media (EGM) Shorts are, as their tagline goes, entertainingly evil. The editor Jennifer has collected an excellent array of stories, each with endings that leave you with a slight smirk on your face. It’s my new favorite small publisher.

No word yet on when it will appear, but I’ll update here as soon as I know.