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Published Work:          


From Ashes – The Leading Edge #79, December 2021

Precedent and Prejudice – Galaxy’s Edge, January 2021


A Farmboy, a Wizard, and a Dark Lord Walk into a Tower – Galaxy’s Edge #46, November 2020

Good Neighbor Policy (reprint) – Shelter of Daylight, Hiraeth Publishing, July 2020

Tomorrow’s Friend – A Quiet Afternoon anthology, Grace & Victory Publications, July 2020

No Body Enough (audio reprint) – StarShipSofa, June 2020


Troubleshooting Your Doomsday Device (reprint) – Imps and Minions anthology, TdocSpec Publishing, August 2019

A Vocabulary of Remorse (audio reprint) – Escape Pod, June 2019

In All Possible Futures (reprint) – Best Vegan SFF, June 2019

Fairy Godmothering – “Hidden Histories” Anthology, Third Flatiron Publishing, April 2019

No Body Enough – Future SF #2, March 2019  


In All Possible Futures – Future SF #1, December 2018

Livecasting My Descent into the Martian Underworld – Galaxy’s Edge #35, November 2018

The Price of Love (reprint and audio reprint) – Timeless Tales, June 2018

Love, Your Wolpertinger (audio reprint) – Centropic Oracle, March 2018

Birthing Fire (audio reprint) – Sage and Savant, February 2018


Brothers in Stitches – Cast of Wonders, October 2017

A Vocabulary of Remorse – Science Fiction and the Medical Humanities Short Story Contest, October 2017

Birthing Fire (reprint) – Mad Scientist Journal, March 2017

Good Neighbor Policy – LITTLE GREEN MEN–ATTACK! Anthology from Baen Books, March 2017


Love, Your Wolpertinger (reprint) – Truancy Issue 3, December 2016

The Fascinator – Dark Magic: Witches, Hackers, and Robots Anthology, October 2016

Troubleshooting Your Doomsday Device – T. Gene Davis’s Speculative Blog, August 2016

Leslie’s Love Potion #4 – Galaxy’s Edge #21, July/August 2016

Miss Darcy’s First Intergalactic Ballet Class (audio reprint) – Cast of Wonders, March 2016

C/O The Village of Monsters Past – Galaxy’s Edge #19, March/April 2016

The Business is Dying (reprint) – Evil Girlfriend Media, January 2016

Love, Your Wolpertinger – Galaxy’s Edge #18, January/February 2016


The Price of Love – Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show Issue 48, November 2015

Birthing Fire (reprint) – Evil Girlfriend Media, October 2015

Miss Darcy’s First Intergalactic Ballet Class (reprint) – Funny Science Fiction anthology, September 2015

Miss Darcy’s First Intergalactic Ballet Class – Galaxy’s Edge #15, July/August 2015

Star Born, Star Bound – Cats in Space Anthology from Paper Golem, May 2015


Shrugging Off the Weight of the World – Fireside Magazine, March 2014

The Shifter – Metro Fiction, March 2014


The Business is Dying – Penumbra, February 2013


Birthing Fire – Story Star Publishing, November 2012


Miss Darcy’s First Intergalactic Ballet Class (reprint) Nowa Fantastyka

Leslie’s Love Potion #4 (reprint) Grandpa’s Deep Space Diner

Found on Tablet of Trish Meadors, Former Writer for The Houston Chronicle – Space Squid

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