Science Fictions stories for YOUR eyeballs only

With the last few months *cough*YEAR*cough* being as jam-packed as they have been, I’ve neglected to announce I’ve had several stories published lately.

The first is “Livecasting My Descent into the Martian Underworld,” which came out in Galaxy’s Edge #35. As always, the cover artwork is amazing!
This story is probably as ‘hard SF’ as I’m likely to get, but the concept of what havoc social media could wreak on a scientific mission is one that I was itching to write.

The second is “In All Possible Futures” which came out in the brand new magazine Future Science Fiction. The artwork here is eye-catching as well!
This is my newest story, one that I wrote to explore what death might mean to an intelligence capable of running endless algorithms. My story won’t be free to read until the end of January, but you can buy the magazine online now!

This will also be my first story to be translated (yes, TRANSLATED) into another language – in this case, Chinese. (!!!!) More news on that when the Chinese version is published.

The THIRD is that “Miss Darcy’s First Intergalactic Ballet Class” continues to get love, and was included in Best of Galaxy’s Edge 2015-2017. I love this story, and have plans to continue irritable Miss Darcy’s galactic adventures in the future.

And now, after all that science fiction excitement, I’ll get back to writing my epic medieval Mongolian/Persian fantasy…


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Pilates and dance teacher by day, science fiction and fantasy writer by whenever.

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