Writing an author bio

So as a write my short author bio for Penumbra (and hopefully more publications to come) I’m having trouble deciding whether or not to mention I’m expecting my first child. And if so, how. I’m something of an open person – something I try to curb on the internets so as not to give away EVERYTHING – so I find the fun quirky bits in bios to be quite endearing. I’ve been really hemming and hawwing over this, though.

So what do you include in your bios? Or what do you like SEEING in author bios?

I know everyone has different opinions on what to include in their bios, and whether or not to make them amusing, so if you disagree with the idea of including discussion about my pregnant state, you are welcome to say so. I’m cool with seeing where everyone lands on little issues like this.


About Dantzel

Pilates and dance teacher by day, science fiction and fantasy writer by whenever.

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