Long days (and nights) in the Cherry household

So Roz is growing up lovely and fine, but it’s a bit disheartening that she went from sleeping almost through the night – usually 4-6 hours between feedings – to every 2 hours. I feel a bit betrayed by all my friends-who-are-also-parents.

“Once they start sleeping through the night, it gets so much easier.”

Does it? Does it? Because the last couple weeks have not been all that easy.

But it’s fine. I am, as they say, as healthy as an ox, and my ‘schedule’ for sleeping (or doing just about anything besides my laid-in-stone commitments) is about as well formed as the scribblings of a toddler. So I can deal for quite a while with sleep deprivation before I start hallucinating.

My other big surprise of the last couple weeks is that Roz has developed an extreme need for bouncing. I have discovered, after about a week and a half of wondering where the screaming banshee came from, that if my baby is upset and it’s not that she’s hungry, it’s that she wants to bounce. Or have her legs pushed up to her chest repeatedly.

So with the crazy nighttime feedings and the bouncing, my baby is asking for way more attention than a couple of weeks ago. Lest I deprive her of attention (and teach her that Mommy has more interesting, important things to do – like staring at a bright white screen – rather than play), I’ve spent a great deal of time bouncing and jiggling my child. We’re achieving relative peace in the house once more, though I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before she changes again. And again. She can roll from her tummy to her back (though only occasionally, as Tummy Time is akin to torture), so the Potted Plant stage of infancy is almost over.


So the writing isn’t streaming out of me right now in great floods, but I feel like I have more ideas to work on. I find myself developing and working on several short stories, as well as continue work on The Novel.

While it’s certainly never much at a time – the biggest chunk I’ve written in a single day lately was about 1000 words, while many other days it’s between zero and 200 words – it’s still creeping along, and all the ideas I’m working on make writing that much better when I actually do get time.

And progress is still progress, so I’ll take it.


About Dantzel

Pilates and dance teacher by day, science fiction and fantasy writer by whenever.

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