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C/O The Village of Monsters Past is live!

galaxy's edge MarchApril 2016


I’ve been so caught up with taxes and preparing for DFWCon that I neglected to mention that C/O The Village of Monsters Past went live at Galaxy’s Edge. So go and read! It’s free to read online until the end of April.

I love this setting with the heat of a hundred and two suns, and I’m excited to write more stories about it when I have time.

In related news, Tangent OnlineĀ  went and reviewed it. As usual they keep their reviews brief, but I’ll take ‘heartwarming’ and snuggle that until my next sale comes along.


I’m published!

Check out my first published short story, Birthing Fire. It won 2nd place in the Story Star Publishing short story contest earlier this month. (I’ve been a little slower to update the blog than I planned, for various reasons that I’ll go into in a couple posts from now.)

This was a nice piece of good news for the year, as it means that I was published within the first year of buckling down and submitting. Woot!

You can also read the interview they did with me here.